Nishir Gordhandas, CEO
Maulik Gordhandas, CO

NWDCo: Churning the Best of Technology & Innovation to Devise Agile Solutions

Robert Collier, an American author, once wisely quoted, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. Indeed, success is not something that can be achieved overnight! The journey of NWDCo also began from a small yet combined effort by the brother-duo Nishir Gordhandas (CEO, NWDCo) and Maulik Gordhandas (COO, NWDCo). When their beloved father got them a computer, the brothers created a page on Rediff which soon became viral. It was only when someone contacted them to buy their company’s website and build it further, the duo got extremely excited, especially about the fact that someone was paying them for their work!

Within no time, Nishir and Maulik laid the foundation for NWDCo, which currently stands at the forefront of the industry in helping transform the business problems into vigorous and agile solutions that anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption, and outcompete their expectancy. Breathing the motto – Technovate (Technology + Innovation), NWDCo offers a wide range of services ranging from a consultancy to developing custom software, mobile app, cloud infrastructure or a corporate portal/ e-Commerce website to corporate digital marketing. Nishir adds, “With about two decades of experience in managing the software and technology of global companies, we help our clients take the digital leap with correct technology”.

The Ace Team!

At the backend, the NWDCo’s team seamlessly works on innovative technologies to help organizations bring-in the digital transformation. This in turn empowers businesses to achieve modern levels of performance and customer delight. Adding to this, the firm’s always-on learning agenda fosters constant improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and concepts from its innovation ecosystem. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted NWDCo to a certain extent due to its dependency on other industries in terms of obtaining work. Maulik adds, “We brought forward an entire range of Contactless Technologies – Kveso, which was showcased by hotels like Taj Mahal Palace, to create a safe guest experience & for which we were given the Pandemic Bravery Awards in an event supported by the Govt. of India. These were further acknowledged by the biggest award in Tech by Amazon as Innovator of the Year 2021”. Furthermore, the firm has also developed, a new offering under Blockchain.

The Work Culture

NWDCo deploys a great work culture that encourages its teams to think out of the box, prepare their timelines for their deliverables, and simple aspects like ensuring the wellbeing of each other. Another approach is that if an individual is on leave, there is a strict unsaid policy to not call or email them. Nishir asserts, “We create an enjoyable environment for our team through activities like ‘Fun@Office’, ‘Frrriiii Talks’, Picnics and many others round the year ensuring to maintain a healthy working environment”. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, NWDCo assured its people that no firing and pay cuts will happen and they will be paid at the start of each month.

During inception, Nishir and Maulik were doing it all by themselves – building website, software, talking to clients, support, and many more. Overtime, they divided their responsibilities among others to create a focused approach wherein Nishir oversees Business Development and Maulik oversees Operations. Recently, the duo has taken up an additional responsibility of keeping their team members and their family members safe during these uncertain times.

The Road Ahead

During the past year and a half, NWDCo has worked on multiple technologies to attune itself to new technovations which businesses will require in the post-COVID era. For the road ahead, the duo aspires to expand its horizons across new geographies, and also outclass as the first choice for any business that requires technology innovation.

Quote: With about two decades of experience in managing the software and technology of global companies, we help our clients take the digital leap with correct technology