Gurprit Singh, Co- Founder & Managing Partner

Umbrella Infocare Shares Why Big Data and Containerisation are the Way Forward on Cloud

Transformation that Starts with You

Umbrella Infocare, started by entrepreneurs Gurprit Singh and Sanjay Agarwal, that began operations in early 2013, has been a customer focused cloud transformation solutions provider from its inception. Now, a leading tech brand, Umbrella has been earned several recognitions and is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. From its beginnings as a Cloud migration company, Umbrella has widened its services to six focus areas - Cloud adoption, DevOps Containerisation, App modernization, Big Data Analytics, Managed Services and Cloud security.

The seeds for Umbrella’s conception were sown when the current founders found out that clients were facing multiple challenges in sourcing, maintaining, provisioning, upgrades, scalability and various other aspects of infrastructure. These hurdles were having a significant impact on factors like ROI, growth, time to market and innovation. From this it was very clear to them that cloud and digital transformation were the need of the hour, and the “Born in cloud” company was launched.

The cloud services provider has since then set its mark as a tech leader through advanced technology, innovation, performance excellence and expertise. One of the main reasons for Umbrella’s success is that the company has been steadily transforming to match customer needs. While cloud migration and Managed Services are constant support pillars for Umbrella’s growth, at this point for instance, the cloud leader perceives a significant shift in customer needs toward Data Engineering and Containerisation for more efficiency and faster growth. Umbrella is working with multiple domains and customers in these areas to address these needs.

Why Big Data/ Analytics and Containerisation are the Way Ahead

Almost all businesses that are adopting new technologies are well aware that Data is the new oil. Data from every little source that can be tapped has become a major game changer for customer success, operational efficiency, improving ROI and finding new opportunities. Both Big data Analytics and Cloud are high velocity and veracity technologies. This brings an edge to businesses and the potential for leveraging new data sources has a vast scope on cloud as opposed to a stand alone, on premise data centre. The huge volumes of data are more capably handled and secured on the cloud and bring the advantages of agility, cost reduction, easier data management and handling, elasticity and fault tolerance.

Containerisation, in simple terms, is a great way to virtualize the IT environment. According to Gartner, by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production. By adopting containers, businesses can reap multiple benefits, such as reduced operational costs, security and scalability at the microservices level, portability, flexibility, ability to deploy and go to market faster. With containers, our customers are able to release apps quickly, innovate frequently, achieve high performance and faster customer onboarding.  

Looking to the Future

With a strong team that has five major AWS competencies, including Managed Services, DevOps and Cloud Migration, Umbrella Infocare has been helping companies like Panasonic, Good Earth, Junglee Games, OneShield Software and Hero FinCorp benefit from Big data analytics and Containerisation. The cloud expert has always been in the forefront of change for business success and looks forward to continuously empower customers with leading edge technology.