The campaign conceptualized by Grapes underscores the surety of going for a pregnancy test

New Delhi, 9th January 2023: Prega News, the pregnancy detection kit from the house of Mankind Pharma, has come up with a new campaign #GuessNahiConfirmKaro. It focuses on the impulse of people to search for information online, even for decisive matters like pregnancy. Therefore, through the campaign, Prega News urges people to take a test rather than assuming to be pregnant based on the symptoms and online results.   

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Grapes, an integrated marketing agency. It highlights people's instinctive behaviour to search for pregnancy-related queries online, and the potential to get carried away by the vast information available on the internet. Hence, the campaign #GuessNahiConfirmKaro spreads awareness that instead of depending on varied information floating online, going for Prega News rapid test can help in confirming pregnancy with 5X surety.    

Living in a digital age, the internet is flooded with information all around, and many times, it may be difficult to gauge the authenticity of the information. Especially, when it comes to delicate matters like pregnancy it could be misleading and harmful which could increase the vulnerability of the person. Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, the campaign cautions people from believing everything blindly.

Pregnancy as a journey differs from one person to another, and it is not necessary that all women align to the same symptoms. There are chances that the concerned person might not show the same symptoms mentioned in the search result. So, rather than doing self-diagnosis aided by the internet, one should just bring home a Prega News test kit and know the confirmed results for sure. To ensure the message reaches the maximum audience, the campaign has been rolled out across social media platforms for driving awareness.

Elaborating on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “The growing dependency on internet raises a lot of concern as people believe in anything they come across online. People search for queries asking whether craving pickles is a sign of pregnancy. Not just this, they even go on to find whether mood swings, missing periods, fatigue, etc. are indications of pregnancy. Realizing the commotion it can create, we came up with the campaign, sensitizing the masses to not blindly rely on the online information and go for a pregnancy test to be sure”.

Speaking on the campaign, Shradha Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Grapes said, “Pregnancy is a stage of life that needs a lot of care and attention. Instead of assuring it with the test, people search for the symptoms online which cannot be trusted completely. A lot of time may get wasted in figuring out whether one is pregnant or not, which instead could be invested in planning the course ahead. Therefore, we came up with the campaign to establish the importance of timely pregnancy test that can put a rest to all the confusion around one being pregnant”.

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