Mumbai August, 2023:- Experience the enhancing allure of Navroz  like never before with an extraordinary culinary journey at Gallops, the iconic landmark nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape. As Parsi New Year approaches, Gallops is delighted to unveil a Navroz Special menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds and take you on a delightful gastronomic adventure!

Known for its distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western influences, Parsi cuisine is a celebration of unique flavours, epitomizing the sweet and sour symphony that captivates the senses. From 12th - 27th August, 2023 Gallops presents a lavish Navroz menu featuring traditional Parsi delights, masterfully crafted with innovative twists. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a first - timer eager to savour authentic Parsi delicacies, Gallops beckons you with open arms. 

As you embark on this culinary journey, you will be treated to the finest selection of homemade pickles, papad and chutneys, lovingly prepared with authentic family recipes. The appetizers include Pestonji’s Chutney Pattice, a delightful tangy green chutney  encased in a luscious potato mash and crumb-fried to perfection. Relish the Aflatoon Akuri, a fluffy and spiced scrambled egg served with our home-baked Khari, elevating your taste buds to pure bliss. Savor the indulgent Faredoon Na Farcha, a delightful tribute to the Kentucky fried Chicken.

The mains will leave you mesmerized with a variety of sumptuous dishes, including the beloved Sexy Salli Boti, where mutton cubes melt in your mouth, entwined with slim potato straws. Delight in the rich and aromatic Machhi Na Curry, crafted with our special red spice masala and coconut curry recipe. Experience the harmony of flavors in the Dhan Dar Prawn Patio, an exquisite mélange of traditional Parsi Yellow Dal, steamed rice, and prawns immersed in a sweet and sour thick gravy. The Kolmi Ni Curry, prepared with our secret red spice masala and coconut curry, is also bound to delight your senses. Be captivated by the enigmatic Secret Dhansak Daal, where a thick masala Daal harmoniously blends with traditional vegetables, served with caramelized rice, a closely guarded Mammaiji recipe and more!

As the grand finale to your Navroz feast, indulge in heavenly desserts that exude a touch of nostalgia and a lot of sweetness. Relish the Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream, an authentic hand-churned Mango Ice Cream sourced straight from the Zoroastrian Holy Land. Surrender to the divine flavors of Lovji Na Lagan Nu Custard, the Parsi version of the French bread & butter Pudding. Experience sheer bliss with Dudh Na Puff, a sweetened frothy milk dessert that will leave you huffing and puffing with joy. And of course, relish the timeless Parsi Dairy Farm Kulfi, Mumbai’s favorite and iconic dessert cherished for over a century.

Escape the ordinary this Navroz and immerse yourself in the heart-warming hospitality and the rich culinary heritage of Parsi cuisine at Gallops. Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones amidst the elegance and charm of Gallops' enchanting ambience, overlooking the racecourse, walking tracks, and lush green lawns.

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