Siri Seeds: Its vision and evolution

With a focus on farm and farmer sustainability in the face of a changing climate and other environmental issues, Siri Seeds is a firm that conducts research and development, produces seeds, and distributes those seeds. The mission of Siri is to be known by farmers and business partners as one of the top agricultural firms that improved the lives of farmers. They pledge to consistently offer high-quality goods to the farming community at competitive prices in order to fulfil the vision for Siri Seeds. Since the company's inception, Siri Seeds has assisted farmers in making the most of their resources. The business has served the farming community in India for 16 years and operates in more than 16 Indian states.

In an effort to develop more high-resistant seed variations to combat the changing climatic circumstances and improve yield and profitability to their partner, the farmer, the corporation created numerous Research & Development facilities during the ensuing years. Siri Seeds is run by a capable leadership group with extensive agricultural knowledge and experience. The founding team of Siri Seeds had a vision for the company from the beginning: to provide top-tier, high-yield, pest-tolerant, and climate-resilient hybrid varieties, with a primary goal of boosting Indian farmers' profitability. The founding team sought to maximise the yield with the fewest resources possible in light of growing environmental concerns.

Employees are the foundation of Siri. Each employee strives to achieve this aim because they are aware of how vital it is to the company for the farming community to be improved. At Siri, every choice is made with the goal of achieving their mission.

Wide range of benefits offered by its products

The company offers a variety of products, including vegetables, fodder, millet, paddy, sunflower, and maize. Several industries use maize for a variety of purposes. Due to rising demand from human, poultry, and industrial use, maize production is increasing more quickly than that of all other cereals. The company has been constantly creating high yielding and disease tolerant hybrid maize seeds to meet the increasing demand.

Siri has  a diversified portfolio of Paddy developed specifically to regional preferences.

Paddy has a diverse portfolio that Siri has created specifically for local preferences.

Siri Seeds creates hybrid rice types that are very tolerant to climatic fluctuations and resistant to pests.

Due to the needs of the farmers and the terrain they would be produced on, they produce and sell many hybrids of pearl millet. Their hybrid pearl millet hybrids are renowned for their great production and versatility of season. The most widely used crop for making oil is the sunflower, and Siri Seeds offer some of the greatest genetics for producing sunflowers with high oil content and disease resistance. The Siri hybrid types are suited for fresh markets and processing since they are high-yielding, climatically resilient, and multi-disease tolerant.

Right seed for suitable soil is a principle that Siri Seeds India upholds. Their numerous connections to the scientific community on a national and international level have given us a strong foundation on which to build a successful Research and Development function for key targeted Field Crops (Maize, Rice, and Pearl Millet) and Vegetable Crops (Tomato, Okra and Chilly). Since 2011, the DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, has acknowledged the R&D unit of Siri Seeds India.