United Genetics proudly offers top quality processing tomato, fresh market tomato, hot pepper, sweet pepper, watermelon, melon, squash, and cucumber seeds, among others. Along the vegetable supply chain, they concentrate on meeting the needs of various customers; they consider the grower by ensuring the versatility and robustness of the product performance, and the consumer by emphasising the physical appeal, nutritional value, and flavour of the final product of their genetics.

Regarding the quality of the seeds, the functionality of the product, and the consumer value, United Genetics aims to provide its customers with the finest possible product. From the moment parent seeds are delivered to their production facilities until their genetics are delivered to the end customer, the consumer, they make every effort to take their customers' demands and preferences into account. One of the top vegetable seed companies in the world with cutting-edge goods and minds is what United Genetics aspires to be.

“New Ideas For Better Seeds”

The company's mission is to continually reinvent themselves and the industry by providing distinctive and superior products, which is reflected in their tagline, "New Ideas for Better Seeds." They are committed to doing this on behalf of its clients.

The continual efforts made by United Genetics to make all activities, requiring two levels of management simple, ensure clear communication, prompt decision-making, and meticulous implementation.

The company's sales teams are professionally skilled and equipped to represent the business and its products. Along with their partners, they recognise that the only way to ensure business success is by consistently delivering through higher-quality and better products. They constantly maintain their company's competitiveness and aggression in order to achieve that goal.

United Genetics creates and markets a variety of vegetable seed products, but they focus on their traditional breeding programmes in  processing tomato, fresh market tomato, melon, watermelon, squash, hot pepper, sweet pepper, and cucumber crop segments. The business also engages in regional breeding and partnerships to create products from sweet corn, onion, okra, artichoke, and other vegetables. All products are produced and maintained with maximum attention to quality.

A glorious journey through the years

Since its inception in 1990, United Genetics has considered Hollister, California, home.

What started off as a small, family-run seed business gradually expanded into a network of sister businesses. United Genetics Italy was established in 1995. United Genetics Italy, based in Parma, is in charge of distributing their products in Italy, Greece, and other Mediterranean nations, as well as internationally.

In order to streamline operations during the off-season and to offer their best hybrids directly in the South American markets, United Genetics Chile Ltda was founded in 2002.As a separate business granted permission by United Genetics Seed Co. to manage all of its interests in India and the surrounding nations, United Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 2003.

UG Asia, based in the Philippines, was founded in 2010.When Kagome, one of the most well-known Japanese food firms, made an investment in United Genetics in 2013, a new chapter in the company's history began.In 2015, a Turkish company was acquired and transformed into UG Turkey.

In order to give better service to their clients in the Middle East, they launched UG Mexico as well as an office and a station in Jordan in 2016.

United Genomics was completely incorporated as a subsidiary of Kagome and acquired UG Spain in 2016. This was followed by the 2017 purchase of Akira Seeds, which became Unigen Spain.

United Genetics India expanded its merger and acquisitions further with the help of its network and got a greater opportunity to better serve their customers to deliver the highest quality of seeds.