March 2023: Smoke Lab, India’s most sought-after new-age vodka label by Varun Jain, CEO of NV GROUP sets itself apart with its futuristic approach and international marketing prowess. Since its launch during the pandemic in 2020, Smoke Lab has gained prominence in the global market with its two unique variants: Smoke Lab Classic Vodka and Smoke Lab Aniseed which has grown from strength to strength as it captures the imagination and the tastebuds of the west!

Varun Jain

There are more than 19 states in the USA where they are available. A few of the states showing a stellar performance and expressing their love for Smoke Lab’s unique variants include California, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, among others. Aside, Smoke Lab is also available in Canada, Singapore and UAE.

Unlike any other vodka in the Indian or International markets, Smoke Lab is the first brand that uses basmati rice and Himalayan fresh water to produce their vodka, made in Delhi. By sourcing high-quality ingredients, using modern filtration, manufacturing gluten-free and vegan spirits, and distilling at a zero-carbon footprint, the brand has revolutionized the alcohol-making process itself. As a result, Smoke Lab Classic Vodka is made from Basmati rice and pure Himalayan spring water, and Smoke Lab Aniseed Vodka is infused and combined with natural and locally sourced aniseeds, resulting in a spirit with an ultra-pure taste, smooth finish and innovative packaging design. As the brand expanded from New Delhi to Maharashtra and Goa, their two variants Aniseed and Classic have wowed vodka lovers and non-vodka drinkers alike!

According to Mr Varun Jain, CEO of Smoke Lab, “Smoke Lab has continuously persevered to push the boundaries of the industry, reinvent tradition and open new doors through creative thinking. The brand has shown its ability to reimagine established ideas and find innovative ways to deliver nothing short of the best. The aim has always been to revolutionise the industry and create new and improved standards. In its journey so far, Smoke Lab has been the torch bearer for out-of-the-box thinking while encouraging its community to do the same”

Among the big wins they have achieved are Spiritz Magazine Selections for Packaging and Liquid Tasting for their Classic and Aniseed flavours, a Double Gold Medal at the 2022 SIP Awards, Consumers' Choice Award at the 2022 SIP Awards, and a Gold Medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Awards for the Smoke Lab Classic Vodka. Publications such as the Wall Street Journal USA have also featured them.

NV Group- is one of the largest grain spirit distilleries in India and has a diverse range of alcohol labels under its portfolio. The Chairman of the NV Group, Mr Ashok Jain, plays a major role as the group sets new standards for the Indian Liquor Industry. With a variety of collaborations, seamless creativity and spirited enthusiasm, the brand has continuously set new benchmarks for the industry. According to Ashok Jain, Chairman at NV Group, "It is with much pride that we can say Smoke vodka has performed way beyond our expectations. Not only because of our product but also because of the fact that an Indian vodka brand has performed so impressively in the USA and other international markets."

Smoke is launching an exclusive saffron-infused flavour called Smoke Saffron in mid-March made with the pride of Indian spices: Saffron, sourced from Pampore, Kashmir.

This new flavour that is reminiscent of Indian sweets is sure to capture hearts with its unique flavour and mouthfeel, which goes down perfectly on the rocks.

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