According to the most recent study by industry leaders, the used car market has been outpacing the new car market and the industry is expected to grow at a healthy rate in future. Preference for personal portability, digital representation, changing demographics, first-time buyers, and the availability of financing options, according to the study, are driving sustained growth in the used car segment.

Few people still think twice before buying a used luxury car as it involves investment of hard earned money but with proper inspection, one can buy a certified used vehicle at your own desired cost. Finding such deals can be time-taking but if you grab it on time, then you are the lucky one. Though it is important to do your research and inspection before buying a certified used luxury car.

Remember, purchasing your dream car is a decision that must be taken from your brain rather than the heart. We have brought some simple and easy tips to evaluate the used car’s condition.

  • Research till you are satisfied: One of the most important stages in deciding what you really want to buy is research. There may be numerous tempting offers to divert your attention. However, before making any purchases, remember to check, double-check, and triple-check. In addition, one must conduct research on the trustworthy source from which the purchase will be made. Analyze and determine your vehicle requirements before deciding on a vehicle type, such as an SUV, hatchback, or sedan.
  • Inspection before actual buying: The inspection must be divided into two stages: interior and exterior. Observing the exterior of the vehicle will assist you in determining the damage, repainted sections, and evaluating the finish. An interior inspection can be performed by bringing in an auto engineer who will inspect the vehicle and inform you of its exact condition. Furthermore, if you choose a certified used car dealer, such as Luxury Ride, you can leave all of the inspection formalities to them. While they will offer you the Manufacturer's warranty and buy-back options.
  • Never Skip the check Car’s History: A luxury car talks a lot about itself. The most crucial step is revalidating the car’s history, mileage numbers and the important documents. The distance travelled also plays a vital role in making the purchase a worthy one. If the age of pre-owned luxury car is beyond 3 years then making a purchase will not be beneficial and this may cause issues while booking for insurance.
  • Background of the Car Dealer or buying resource before buying: There’s always a thin line between truth and lie. Similarly, car dealers in this industry can also be differentiated as a certified pre-owned cars dealers and non-certified dealers. You may get your pre-owned car from a certified dealer at a higher cost compared to a non-certified dealer. But a car from certified pre-owned dealer will come with a warranty, certification, buy back schemes and few days replacement guaranteed.
  • Benefits: Some pre-owned car dealers offer optimum services like extended warranty, after-sale maintenance services, free gifts on every purchase and many more. Luxury Ride, a one stop destination to all your pre-owned luxury car services offering exclusive benefits like  buy back guarantee, good financing opportunities, premium insurance and 15 day cash back guarantee.

Remember this before finalizing your purchase: After the inspection, don't forget to negotiate the price of the used vehicle. Yes, we're referring to your negotiating skills. You can always talk to your dealer about getting a price that can't be beat. Maintain a record of all documents so that you are fully aware of the condition of your vehicle. Additionally, read the service book to learn about the servicing history. Also, if everything is in place, you can schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.

Buying a used car is a difficult task, but if you are aware of the car's history, mileage numbers, servicing history, and complete paperwork, half of your concerns will be alleviated.

Drive it yourself for the final go ahead: Test driving allows you to see how the car rides, accelerates, corners, and brakes. Listen to the persistent noise and feel the vibrations that may cost you more money in the future.

Also, ensure that you are driving at least 60 miles per hour. Because some technical issues cannot be detected at low speeds. Check to see if the steering wheel vibrates at a high rate. Bring along a friend who is an expert at detecting such technical issues during the test drive.

We hope that these points will help you evaluate the condition of your used car. Continue reading to make the best decision when buying a used asset.

About Author

Sumit Garg is the MD and Co- Founder of Luxury Ride, a final shopping destination for the foremost exclusive and fascinating pre-owned luxury cars.

Sumit was born to a business family, the path to entrepreneurships was always given. He has completed engineering from RVCE engineering college and right after his college he founded in 2012, an online marketplace for pre-owned luxury cars. After a quick realization about the industry, Sumit shifted his business to an offline model and established Luxury Ride in 2015 along with his two friends.

At Luxury Ride, Sumit oversees various departments and his prime focus is exponential expansion of Luxury Ride across India. He is also highly involved in the day-to-day functioning of the company in order to get the DNA right which can support the exponential business growth and create a strong foundation.

With his hard work and determination, has a presence in 7 cities across north India – Delhi, Gurugram, Karnal, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun and Ludhiana. The showrooms are a mix of company owned and franchise operations. It has over 4000 repeat clients, has sold over 1000 cars, and has serviced over 10,000 vehicles.

Sumit has been fascinated and passionate by cars since his school days, in his personal time also he likes to go on long drives mostly. Sometimes he prefers comedy and mythology movie genres.

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