The top 10 emerging technologies for 2023 have been identified by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Frontiers, and more than 90 experts from 20 nations. The goal of this paper, which was written by the WEF, is to gather many viewpoints from all around the world and offer insights into the possibilities of these technologies. Transformation maps that indicate how these technologies relate to other global issues are also included in the report.

The list includes ground-breaking innovations that are expected to have a big impact on a variety of industries. One of them is healthcare delivery that is AI-enabled, which makes use of artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services. Wearable medical gadgets are powered by flexible batteries, a noteworthy innovation that gives consumers flexibility and convenience.

The report also emphasises neural-interfacing flexible circuits, which offer a promising route for fusing technology with the human body. The paper also examines the potential of online communities for mental health support, offering a distinctive platform for people to get help and connect with others going through similar difficulties.

The list also includes designer phages, engineered viruses used to improve human health, and spatial omics, a technique that provides molecular-level

knowledge of spatial organisation within cells. Another important innovation is generative AI, which may produce original content and create new opportunities for automation and the creative sectors.

The research also highlights the importance of environmentally friendly technology that can promote sustainable behaviour and reduce environmental effects, such as wearable plant sensors and sustainable aviation fuel.

Additional innovations that made the list, showcasing the development of adaptable and ecologically friendly technology, including flexible neural electronics and sustainable computing. The top 10 developing technologies are completed by AI-facilitated healthcare, which uses artificial intelligence to enhance healthcare results.

Business executives and decision-makers may use the Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023 study as a useful tool to properly handle these technologies' revolutionary potential. The study, a centrepiece offering from the WEF's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is in line with the centre's mandate to advance the fair and human-centred transformation of industries, economies, and society.

These technologies are mentioned in the study because they have the potential to revolutionise numerous industries, advance healthcare, and promote sustainable practices. With this information, stakeholders may use these cutting-edge technologies to affect good change and tackle global issues.