Cities around the globe are faced with the challenge posed by the ever-growing number of urban citizens in order to ensure sustainable urban development. Even though modeling cities sounds like a challenging task, the real challenge is to understand, describe and model the geometry and behavior of cities that benefit urban planning, emergency response, visualization, mapping, and so on.

Most of TreisTek’s projects are in line with BIM which is a worldwide mandate along with strong expertise in 3D Plant Modeling, 3D Smart City Modeling, and GIS (photogrammetry and LiDAR). 3D Smart city modeling is the USP of TreisTek. More so, the firm never steps away from any challenge thrown at it. If it does not have expertise in any domain, the firm takes a time out from the client, performs R&D, understands, and then takes up the project.

Moving from 2D city to 3D City

Jayita Sengupta, Founder, TreisTek, asserts, “TreisTek combines engineering data, survey data, point clouds, and digital imagery to create and update highly detailed 3D city information and CityGML models”. TreisTek represents 3D City Models in two kinds namely Photo-realistic representation, and Symbolic representation. Photo-realistic 3D City Model is a computerized model of a city. TreisTek uses these models to give the user a picture of the world as it appears. In a photorealistic environment, the user may take a virtual city tour to find out where to find attractions. In the symbolic 3D City Model, groups of features by colors or patterns are symbolized and are stored in the database.

Jayita Sengupta, Founder

Round-the-Clock Services

TreisTek has played a key role in supplying engineering and architectural firms with superior imagery and highly accurate mapping products. The BIM services provided by TreisTek touch all the areas including the creation of models from sketches, CAD drawings, documentation in BIM, analysis, clash detection, and content creation. The firm works with its clients for the design process from schematic design to design development and construction documentation.

TreisTek provides multi-disciplined plant engineering services including Pre-bid Engineering, Extended Basic Engineering Support, Plant Digitization, Detailed Engineering, and Design. The firm manages plant design data and deliverables like isometrics, orthographics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and P&ID with 3D intelligent models.

A Remarkable Journey of the Founder

Jayita Sengupta is the backbone of ‘TreisTek’. Carrying an MBA degree in Marketing and Brand Management with over 12+ years of enterprise experience while enabling businesses to achieve their growth, innovation, and performance excellence goals, her core expertise is in strategic planning, program management, enterprise quality, and business process optimization.

Having hands-on experience with diverse industries like IT, Media, Telecom, and Engineering- working cross-functionally with R&D; she is adept in Design, Implementation, Sales, Support Services, Finance, and HR; which makes her professional journey inspirational and favorable to any organization. Being responsible for new innovations, she currently heads ‘Projects & Marketing’ in TreisTek and is presently working on the next Gen Automation tools. She envisions looking deeper at cross-functional integration.

One day, while she was having a cup of tea with Arindam, both came up with the idea of commencing ‘TreisTek’, envisioning making a difference. As urbanization and technology advancement is booming exponentially, almost every country is stepping into 3D Smart City Modeling. Hence, the demand for top-notch technologies is infinite and engineering solutions are escalating. This way ‘TreisTek’ came into existence.

An Employee Friendly Organization

Jayita elucidates, “TreisTek holds a special place in its employee’s heart. Transparency, cultural fit, and belongingness are a part of TreisTek’s work culture”. The company encourages its employees to look at people’s strengths as well as areas of improvement, focuses on the future as opposed to the past, focuses on asking questions, and encourages employees to ask questions.

The Employee Development program facilitated by TreisTek includes innovative learning experiences, employee personal development, ‘one size fits one’ policy, informal training, the culture of learning, mentors (not managers), cross-departmental training, and succession planning.

In the near future, TreisTek is aiming to penetrate the engineering market with more knowledge, build a stronger R&D team, and have a better understanding of new technologies in line with BIM, Plant Engineering, and 3D Smart City Modeling. TreisTek is on its sure-shot trajectory to reach soaring heights in the future and emerge as an industry leader!

Key Management:

Jayita Sengupta, Founder

Having an MBA degree in Marketing and Brand Management, Jayita is a visionary with 15+ years of Enterprise Experience while enabling businesses to achieve its Growth, Innovation and Performance Excellence goals. She is also highly skilled in Strategic Planning, Program Management, Enterprise Quality and Business Process Optimization.

Locations: Bangalore & Dubai


  • Engineering Services
  • GIS Services
  • Smart City Modeling
  • 3D Rendering Services
  • Surveying
  • Project-based Training

Quots: TreisTek combines engineering data, survey data, point clouds, and digital imagery to create and update highly detailed 3D city information and CityGML models