Zarna Studio is an architectural firm that loves to work on innovative and professional offshore/local projects. The firm proudly presents its USPs as its expertise and love to work on materials like leather, silicone, wood, concrete, and a rich experience of three years in Mumbai and five years in the field of design & drawings across India and abroad.

Signature Style

The core belief of Zarna’s work is that there is no signature style. The firm believes that architecture should be based on client requirement, should be honest, should respond to the spirit of time and should be for the people. Zarna’s team has worked largely on commercial & residential projects and have tried to make it special by constantly mastering the art of residential architecture, be it affordable or luxury. Himanshi Patel, Co-Founder, Zarna Studio, asserts, “For us, the most important is design efficiency. We can challenge any plan and show a way to design the same more efficiently without any compromise. We always challenge our own designs to do something better. We believe in the concept of ‘zero waste architecture’”.

Dipen Patel & Himanshi Patel (founder & Co-founder)

Some of the softwares used at Zarna Studio include STAAD.Pro, BuildMaster, AutoCAD, Struds, ETABS, Safe, Tekla, MIDAS, CYPE, and others. Zarna Studio is also accomplished in advanced computational design which makes it best suited for algorithmic and parametric designs. The firm deploys progressive tools like rhino, maya and grasshopper to produce designs. Complementing these services is its approximately 6000 sq. ft. office area equipped with 50 computers, four laptops, two A3 size printers, and 50 technically qualified and experienced employee staff.

Zarna Studio holds a team of qualified and experienced Structural & Civil engineers, Architectural & Interior designers involved in designing and execution of all types of structures & spaces. Their experience includes structural design of Industrial, Commercial, Water Park, Water retaining structures, Theatre, Hospitals, Schools, Show rooms, Hotels, Temples, Mosques, Madressas, High Rise Building, Low Rise Building, Bus Terminals and some special structures. Zarna Studio takes utmost pride in designing more than 8500 projects combined and also executing structural survey including measures for some of the government and semi government agencies.

Dipen Patel, Co-Founder, Zarna Studio, articulates, “Being qualified, dynamic and experienced Structural engineers, and Architectural & Interior designers, we are confident of handling any type of challenging job being entrusted to us. We assure our best services at all times”. Besides staying updated, it is also important to try and research new ways to help the clients. Hence, under Zarna’s current research, it has generated an algorithm which aids in optimizing the plots, floor-area ratio, building margins and later view and solar optimization.


Zarna Studios takes pride in being the runner up in the International Interior Design Competition at Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia! The firm was also rewarded with Innovative Project award by Smartlabs 2017-18 (first of its kind in India) held in Chennai. Dipen adds, “We believe in staying updated with current advancements in our field and thus we do not miss to attend events like evoloskyscrapers , dencity, Pmay affordable housing, urban chair, tiny library etc”.

Quote: We always challenge our own designs to do something better. We believe in the concept of ‘zero waste architecture’!